Definitions for "ATM Forum"
A technical group, mainly of network equipment vendors, with the mission of setting pragmatic standards for ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) communication systems. ATM
A group of organizations responsible for determining the ATM standards and its progress within the industry.
The primary organization developing and defining ATM standards. Principal members participate in committees and vote on specifications; auditing members cannot participate in committees but receive technical and marketing documentation; user members participate only in end-user roundtables. Formed in 1991 by Adaptive Corp. (Redwood City, Calif.), Cisco Systems Inc. (San Jose, Calif.), Northern Telecom Ltd. (Mississauga, Ontario), and Sprint Corp. (Kansas City, Mo.), the forum currently consists of 606 manufacturers, carriers, end-users, and other interested parties.
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The organization tasked with developing and defining ATM standards. On the Internet, visit at for more info.