Definitions for "ATM"
(Short for Asynchronous Transfer Mode) - A network technology based on transferring data in cells or packets of a fixed size. The cell used with ATM is relatively small compared to units used with other technologies like Frame-Relay or Ethernet. The small, constant cell size allows ATM equipment/nodes to transmit user data, video, audio, and over the same network, and assure that no single type of data saturates the line.
Adobe? Type Manager? software, which makes type appear sharp and clear on-screen and in print. Character Identifiers (CID) A new type of font that has a simplified internal structure and a compact file size, resulting in improved performance for large character sets such as Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese, and Korean.
Asynchronous Transfer Mode. High-speed, packet switched and multiplexed switching technique for the efficient transmission of voice, data, and video. Transmission format uses packets of a fixed length of 53 bytes. A peak throughput of 155 Mbps or 622 Mbps is available for OC-3 and OC-13 installations, respectively.
Airborne Thematic Mapper. A multispectral instrument used on the NERC Airborne Remote Sensing Facility aircraft. More details can be found here.
Airborne Thematic Mapper sensor. See Chapter 3.
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Hypertonic Rankine
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At the Movies, A fansite. BO (Abbreviation): Box Office, usually refers to the amount of money a film has taken at the box office. For HSX purposes Box Office is domestic (North America) only. Delist: A stock or bond delists when it is being removed from the exchange. You recieve money in return for stock you held at that time depending on the circumstances. Delist money is commission free. EDP (abbreviation): Estimate Delist Price, Estimation as to the price at which a movie stock will delist. Equal in HSX dollars to Box Office takings after four weekends.
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atmospheres of pressure
Atmosphere, a unit of pressure equal to 760 mmHg (mercury) at sea level.
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At the moment Be
at the moment zarif7861
(At The Moment) Internet slang.
Able ToastMaster The educational awards above CTM requiring completion of advanced manuals (manuals of speeches concentrating on specific areas of expertise. The three degrees in succession are ATM-b (bronze), ATM-s (Silver) and ATM-g(Gold).
aircrew training manual
Abbreviation for "amateur telescope maker." Back to top of glossary Back to top of glossary
Apollo Telescope Mount
Adobe Type Manager, the Adobe *rasterizer for displaying Type 1 fonts on screen (rather than on the printer, where Type 1 rasterizing is part of PostScript). ATM is included with any font from Adobe and the free Acrobat reader. ATM has been released for many computer platforms, including Mac and Windows. It will soon not be necessary to install ATM at all: a Type 1 rasterizer is to be part of Mac OS 8.6, and Windows 2000 will also rasterize Type 1 fonts natively. ATM Deluxe is a rather good utility for managing Type 1 and TrueType fonts, but you have to pay for it.
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The dancer's euphanism for a PL. Don't be one of these.
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Attacking Midfielder
refers to two active trademarks registered under the first Trade Mark legislation called an Act Pertaining to Trademarks. It predates Confederation. The two remaining marks registered under it are ATM 72 and 127 registered in 18650729 and 18660612 respectively.
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Division of Atmospheric Sciences (NSF)
At the Money. An option where the strike price is approximately equal to the underlying price.
At The Money. An option with no intrinsic value, with the price of the underlying equal to the strike price.
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Describes the ways a digital audio word may be transmitted (either big endian or little endian). If a word is presented most significant bit first, it is big endian. If presented least significant bit first, it is little endian.
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Acronym for ‘Authorization to Mine’. It is the approval required to affect a specific parcel of land within a Surface Mine Permit.
ACRONYM - Atmosphere (099)
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advanced trauma management
Agricultural Trade-Option Merchant. An individual or organization which solicits or offers trade options for sale. Must be registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
Association of Teachers of Mathematics ( ATM)
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Ass to mouth. Penis, finger or toy comes out of her ass, and goes directly into her mouth.
See Agricultural Trade-Option Merchant.
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Ass To Mouth B&D- Bondage and Dominance
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Software that makes type appears sharp and clear on screen and in print.
anal sex immediately followed by fellatio, with no cleaning in between.
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( Ass To Mouth) The man pulls his cock out of her ass and inserts it directly into her mouth without stopping to clean it off.
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Atmospheric pressure referring to water resistance. 1 ATM is equal to 33 feet. (see water resistant)
Unit of pressure used in watch making to indicate water resistance.
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A player who plays too many hands and calls too many bets.
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At-The-Money, ie., at or near the stock price
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Communications B8ZS Communications