Definitions for "Athena"
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Athene - Olympian goddess of wisdom and valour. Lends her name to the capital she came to protect, having vied with, and succeeded against, Poseidon for patronage of the city. The voice of equitable justice and reason. Daughter of Metis and Zeus (prior to his marriage to Hera) and reputed to have emerged fully grown from his head wearing what would become her trademark robe and helmet
The Greek goddess of wisdom, strategy, and war associated by the Etruscans with their goddess Menrva, and later by the Romans as Minerva, is attended by an owl, wore a goatskin breastplate called the Aegis given to her by her father and is accompanied by the goddess of victory, Nike. Athena is also a goddess associated with mentoring heroes.
A union catalog of the online catalogs of some members of the Nashville Area Library Alliance. Patrons can access this catalog using a single search.
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Athena is a ska punk band from Istanbul, Turkey. Its current line-up is composed of Hakan Özoğuz, Gökhan Özoğuz, Burak Gürpinar and Ozan Musluoğlu.
The Athena rocket has undergone several name changes in its lifetime. Initially developed as the Lockheed Launch Vehicle (LLV) at its inception at Lockheed, the name was changed to the Lockheed Martin Launch Vehicle when its developing company merged with Martin Marietta. Late in the program's life the name was finally changed to the current name of Athena.
Female weight category for the gravitationally gifted
A female athlete who competes outside of her age group against other athletes over a certain weight (usually 150 lb).
uh-thEE-nuh The Athena division, commonly called the Filly division, in running is for female runners who are over a certain weight. Unfortunately that weight is not completely standardized. In some races, the minimum weight for an Athena division runner is 140 lbs; other races require Athenas to be at least 150 lbs. Most races advertise the weight requirement for Athena divisions on the race sign up. Otherwise, it's a good idea to ask. The Athena division of running is for women meeting certain weight requirements.
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Athena is a platform arcade game, produced and published in 1986 by SNK. It was later ported to the NES. Only the NES version has been released in North America.
Athena is a musical released on 4 November 1954 by MGM.
The software framework for Atlas. Based on GAUDI, ATHENA provides common services such as the transient data store, (interactive) job configuration and auditing, data(-base) access, message streams, etc. for Atlas software. The idea is to improve the coherency of the different software domains within Atlas, and thereby the ease of use for end-users and developers, by having them all use the same well-defined interfaces. For more information, see the Atlas architecture site. See Also GAUDI.
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BRIT Awards
an outstanding example of a Mickey x Windy offspring
Like a reverse convertible but has one additional characteristic. The contract expires prematurely if the underlying produces a positive performance between the start of the contract and the end of any period. In these cases, the owner of the structure is paid a compensatory coupon proportional to the number of expired periods. There is no typical underlying for this type of structure.
a railroad ribbon with a little cotton ruffle running in and out of the track
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Athena is a Japanese video game company.