Definitions for "Atheism "
Keywords:  atheist, belief, theism, theos, god
The disbelief or denial of the existence of a God, or supreme intelligent Being.
A false worldview which states that God does not exist. Ironically, atheism is actually a very religious position because it requires so much faith to hold. The opposite of theism. For more info see atheism in the main listing.
the claim that God does not exist
Keywords:  godlessness
A system of thought which holds as one of its central tenets that there is no supernatural or supreme being.
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Atheism is an extremely flexible, configurable and user-friendly multi purpose Perl script for X-Chat. Its main features include auto-away functions with message logging, announcement of songs playing in XMMS on selected channels, a user-friendly interface, detailed documentation, and much more.
an abstract member of a pantheon representing the share of worship which is lost