Definitions for "Asymmetrical"
Not symmetrical; wanting proportion; esp., not bilaterally symmetrical.
lack of symmetry; when divided in the middle and the halves are not at all similar
Not having planes which divide the structure into mirror-image halves.
Data transfer where upstream and downstream data flow occurs at different speeds, usually a higher rate of speed downstream, and a slower rate upstream. Reflective of typical end-user Internet usage patterns, where more data is received than sent, and no servers (such as web server) are in operation.
Providing differing bandwidth in different directions. 56 K modems are asymmetrical: they offer a maximum speed of 56K for downloading, but only 28.8K or 33.6K for uploading.
Offering different data rates in the upstream and downstream directions, where upstream is the direction from the end-user to the network, and downstream is the direction from the network to the user.
Not the same on both sides of an imaginary line that goes through the center of a composition or design. This does not mean that it is out of balance.
Waistline that crosses the body at any angle either above or below the Natural Waist.
having sides unequal in size or shape.
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characterized by asymmetry in the spatial arrangement or placement of parts or components
An imbalance in facial alignment as it relates to the eyes, eyelids or eyebrows.
Imbalance of the arrangement of parts. Not moving together.
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Hull shape in which the boat's widest point (beam) is either above or below the center (amidships) of the boat.
A tyre with a tread pattern that must be fitted in an indicated orientation. Often a chevron shaped pattern which assists the removal of water under the tyre.
session A session in which only one end of the connection can control the commu- nication. One end of the connection makes a request to which the other end can only respond.
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consisting of an odd number higher than three. Often used to refer to meters with an odd number (greater than three) of beats or subdivided beats, resulting in an uneven subdivision of the measure.
Meter Meter in which the beats cannot be divided equally into groups of two or three.
A high availability system consisting of one primary companion and one secondary companion. In an asymmetric system, only the primary companion can failover. In this system, the secondary Adaptive Server is also known as a "hot stand-by."
Not proportional or the same. It is normal for women to have slightly asymmetrical breasts.
elements positioned off-center to one another