Definitions for "ASX"
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Active stream redirector (.asx) file. .asx files provide information that a NetShow Player needs to receive either unicast or multicast ASF streams. An .asx file may be encrypted or not. An unencrypted .asx file is simply a text file that contains the URL's for the ASF streams. A .asx file is not a .asf file.
An XML format for storing information about ASF files. Developed by Microsoft for Windows Media.
Advanced Stream Redirector (ASX): When you use .asx files, you are directed to streaming media content, usually on multimedia Web sites. The .asx files are simple text files that contain server and media information. They are metafiles (a file that provides information about Windows Media files and their presentation) that are similar to Windows Media Redirector (.wvx) files.
Asymmetric information Asymmetric taxes
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