Definitions for "Astrology"
In its etymological signification, the science of the stars; among the ancients, synonymous with astronomy; subsequently, the art of judging of the influences of the stars upon human affairs, and of foretelling events by their position and aspects.
The study of the planets and how they might influence the lives of people
The science of interpreting patterns and positions of celestial bodies for the purposes of divination and prophecy.
Glossary I Will Face my Fears Courageously Today
Glossary I Will Take on Only What I can Handle Today
Glossary I Always Spend Money Wisely
The perfect excuse. Newageoholics use it to explain away flat tires and determine the compatibility of potential mates; however, in extreme cases, it has been used to dictate the actions of governments. Also: astrologer (n)
a tool to explore the dynamics of interpersonal relationships
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