Definitions for "Astragalus"
A genus of papilionaceous plants, of the tribe GalegeƦ, containing numerous species, two of which are called, in English, milk vetch and licorice vetch. Gum tragacanth is obtained from different oriental species, particularly the Astragalus gummifer and Astragalus verus.
from a family of peas that benefits digestive processes and the immune system; increases resistance to disease and infections; restores depressed immunity, and is used to treat peripheral vascular diseases and to restore peripheral circulation.
large genus of annual or perennial herbs or shrubs of north temperate regions; largest genus in the family Leguminosae
The ankle bone, or hock bone; the bone of the tarsus which articulates with the tibia at the ankle.
bone of the hindlimb between tibia, fibula and calcaneum.
one of the two tarsal bones; paired with the calcaneum
Astragalus root is an immunostimulant used in the treatment of chronic viral infections, hepatitis, edema, common cold, and flu.
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See Astragal, 1.