Definitions for "Associates"
a fast growing firm of professionals
a Florida professional engineering consulting firm specializing in thermal management
a full service Executive Search Firm that specializes in Engineering markets
a controlling shareholder of the Company and has two nominee directors on Tempur-Pedic's board of directors -- Jeffrey S
a major shareholder and holds a position on the Board of Directors
a full service physician recruiting company devoted entirely to the permanent placement of physicians and healthcare professionals
a midlands based company specialising in providing IT support and services to small-to-medium sized businesses
Associates of individuals include family members, relatives, partners and their relatives, employees, employers, trustees in certain trust relationships, and companies which the individual controls. Associates of companies include other companies under common control.
a leading private equity investment
Companies in which Bekaert has a significant influence, generally reflected by an interest of at least 20%. Associates are accounted for using the equity method.
Equity investees
a thoroghal evaluation on women's educational opportunities in Greece
a qualified, experience Accountant who had served in the well known commercial organizations in Nigeria as an Accounting officer for over fifteen years
(of New Zealand Rare Breeds): Individuals or Societies who have their own websites or advertising pages set up by and hosted on New Zealand Rare Breeds. As this website is operated by volunteers, the total amount of the fee paid for this service goes to activities of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand Incorporated.
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a product of the work of William A
This is about the band. For the mathematical concept see unit (ring theory).
a hardware/software technology specialist
an established mid-sized civil engineering and
a leading provider of financial recove
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a publisher of insurance information on the World Wide Web