Definitions for "Assembler"
a computer program that takes as input a set of instructions written in assembly language, and produces a corresponding executable computer program in machine language.
same as assembly language.
A program that transforms an assembly language program into machine language so that a computer can execute the program.
a person who has knowledge of the physical components of a computer
A nano-robotic device controlled by an onboard computer that can use available chemicals to manufacture nanoscale products. It has been proposed that advanced designs could communicate, cooperate, and maneuver to build macroscale products. Assemblers are much more complex, and probably less efficient, than fabricators.
A send pipeline component that serializes (writes) messages to a file, and may combine individual messagess into a batch.
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a Tool the encodes what you tell it to encode, and nothing else
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a good case in point
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One who assembles a number of individuals; also, one of a number assembled.