Definitions for "Aspirator"
An apparatus for passing air or gases through or over certain liquids or solids, or for exhausting a closed vessel, by means of suction.
A seed processing machine, in which seed separations are made by use of air, on the basis of differences in terminal velocity of seed. It has a fan, at the discharge point, which creates a vacuum or negative pressure within the machine. Air rushing to full in the vacuum, creates a stream of air which is used to separate seeds.
A suction appliance that the dentist places in a patient's mouth to remove saliva, water and dental debris during dental procedures.
An instrument for the evacuation of the fluid contents of tumors or collections of blood.
Any device using fluid velocity effect to produce a low-pressure zone. Used in regulator control and combustion systems.
Part of Pressure-Lite toilet flush control components, along with backflow preventer, pressure regulator, and outlet manifold. These components work with the incoming pressurized supply line water to provide a regulated pressure flush to the toilet bowl.
A device for making a vacume, powered by attaching to a water faucet.
A device for removing undesirable material from the throat of a victim.
a common piece of laboratory A laboratory (often abbreviated lab) is a place where scientific research and experiments are conducted
a common piece of laboratory equipment
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A tool used to collect insects by ...