Definitions for "Aspic"
Keywords:  jelly, gelatin, savory, poultry, meat
A savory meat jelly containing portions of fowl, game, fish, hard boiled eggs, etc.
A clear jelly made from the juices of cooked fish or meat, used to garnish or mould savoury dishes.
A jelly made from stock, fumet, wine, or fruit juices used to mold dishes. These preparations are often elaborately decorated for use on buffets. Both savory and sweet foods are set in aspic. Cubes of aspic are a common garnish to fine pGtTs and foie gras.
Keywords:  venomous
The venomous asp.
A European species of lavender (Lavandula spica), which produces a volatile oil. See Spike.
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The 1970's and glorious Fanny Cradock with her over-the-top...
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A piece of ordnance carrying a 12 pound shot.
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