Definitions for "ASPECTS"
aspects are an important part of modern astrology. as the planets move in their elongated orbits around the Sun, they form various angular relationships with one another, using the Sun or Earth as the center. these are called aspects. the most popular aspects result from dividing the circle by numbers like 1,2,3,4, resulting in aspects such as the conjunction (0 degrees), opposition (180 degrees), trine (120 degrees), square (90 degrees), and so forth. when two planets form an aspect with one another, their energies and natures are said to combine and work in harmony or discord. for example, when two planets are exactly on opposite sides of the Sun (earth), they are in opposition.
The angle between any pair of planets which determines the kind of energy exchange between them. There are so-called hard and soft aspects. Hard aspects are challenges and conflicts which, although difficult, potentially enable us to develop and grow. The soft aspects represent natural energy flows, assets or abilities that we possess. Neither are essentially good or bad, since both are generally necessary for balance and growth. The major aspects are the conjunction (two or more planets together), the square (90 deg angle), the opposition (180 deg), the trine (120 deg.) and the sextile (60 deg.). The trine and the sextile are soft aspects. The square is a hard aspect. The conjunction and the opposition are a mix of hard and soft qualities depending on the planets involved. The minor aspects are the semisquare (45), semisextile (30), sesquiquadrate (135), quincunx (150) quintile (72), septile (51.5) and novile (40).
Aspects are planets within specific degrees of each other that create beneficial or negative attitudes, habits and energy.
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Forms, facets, or personas of Deity: for example, Brighid, Iseult,Eos, and Kore are all aspects of the Maiden, and the Maiden is an aspect of the Goddess.
Forms, facets, or personas of Deity. Kore/Persephone is an aspect of the Maiden and the Maiden is an aspect of the Goddess.
The terms in this list are often applied in library profiles to include or exclude various types of materials. If the library does not supply instructions, the aspect acts neutrally and does not affect the profiling action. Many of the terms are most applicable to specific Library of Congress classes and YBP's Profiling Bibliographers commonly apply them to books falling in those ranges, although they also apply them to books in other classes as warranted. Thus, by specifying book coverage for a particular aspect, the approval plan can act as a gathering device for titles classed outside the expected one. For example, by specifying book coverage for "legal aspects," a law library can gather law-related material outside the K classes. In applying a particular aspect, YBP Bibliographers are asked to examine the book for "clear and compelling" evidence that its use is warranted. Multiple aspects may be assigned to the same book.
a set of parameters describing the Objects; can be physical data as well as metadata.
An advertising panel can have different 'aspects' such as Angled, Parallel and Head On. A single panel may have multiple aspects. For example, one panel may be parallel to road 'A' and at the same time angled to road 'B'.