Definitions for "ASO"
a health association, agency or organization that is actively involved with the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS
Administrative services organization, administrative services only
Administrative Services Organization. An arrangement under which an insurance carrier or an independent organization will, for a fee, manage claims, benefits and other administrative functions for a public or private sector client.
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Antistreptolysin O (titre).
Address Supporting Organisation
ICANN's Address Supporting Organization
Amaury Sport Organisation, owner of the Tour de France and L'Equipe newspaper. Does not own LNDD, but seems to have close unofficial connections.
Area Support Office
Air Surveillance Officer
Acoustic systems officer
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AmSouth Bancorp (US bank)
allele-specific oligonucleotide
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Automated Store Ordering. A retail-based system that automatically generates store orders when shelf stock falls below a set level. A computer system will track stock of all items in store, adjusting for deliveries of stock and sales of products (using EPOS data).
Astronomical Search for Origins (see Origins, below). One of the NASA Space Science themes.