Definitions for "Ashrama"
1. The hermitage of a sage or teacher. 2. One of the four stages of spiritual development in the varnashrama social system: brahmacharya (celibate student life), grihastha (marriage), vanaprastha (retirement), and sannyasa (the renounced order).
the ancient traditions that recognise four different stages of life for a 'twice-born' male, which – if followed correctly – give him a balanced education in traditions, life skills, being part of a family and attaining control of himself. In time, this grounding helps him to attain enlightenment and leads to moksha – relief from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The stages are The Student (brahmacharya), The Householder (grihastha), The Forest Dweller (vanaprastha) and The Renouncer (sannyasa).
The stages of life described in the Code of Manu. While moving through the stages a person acquires the knowledge and experience necessary for enlightenment. The four stages are study (of the Vedas), householding (having children), forest-dwelling (retreat to a place where a religious life can be followed) and renouncing (meditate and fast while traveling in preparation for enlightenment).
a group of people living together in austerity, self-imposed poverty, starvation in the name of fasting