Definitions for "ASD"
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Atrial Septal Defect. Hole in the heart...a residual communication between the two upper heart chambers. In most hearts, the flow is from the red side towards the blue (or right) side of the heart. This causes overload of the right heart, but is usually well tolerated. There are several varieties of ASDs depending on the location and associated abnormalities. Repair is by direct suture closure or patch closure.
Atrial septal defect. Normally there is a wall or "septum" between the right and left atrium, the upper, low-pressure chambers of the heart. When there is a hole in that wall allowing blood to flow both directions it is called an atrial septal defect or"ASD".
acronym for atrial septal defect. (More? Heart Abnoormalities)
Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism is often referred to as a "spectrum disorder," meaning that the symptoms and characteristics of autism can present themselves in a variety of combinations, ranging from extremely mild to quite severe. Cerebellum The lower back part of the brain responsible for functions such as maintaining balance, and coordinating and controlling voluntary muscle movement.
utism pectrum isorders: Three distinct developmental disorders recognized as exceptionalities under Title 22, Chapter 14 of the PA school code. ASDs include Pervasive Developmental disorder, Autism and Aspergers Disorder.
autism spectrum disorder (a group or range of disorders)
noun [anti-slut defense]: the maneuvers some women make to avoid taking responsibility for initiating or agreeing to sex; or in order to avoid appearing slutty to the man she is with, to her friends, to society, or to herself. This can occur before or after sex, or it can prevent sex from occurring. Origin: Yaritai.
assistant secretary of defense (health and medicine) (succeeded the AFMPC in 1953; provided advice and assistance on health and medical aspects of DOD policies, plans, and programs and collaborated with ASD [R&D] in the development of policies and the review of requirements for biomedical research by DOD)
assistant secretary of defense (research and development) (replaced the RDB in 1953; provided advice and assistance to the secretary of defense on R&D policies, plans, and programs, developed an integrated DOD R&D program, assigned specific responsibilities for R&D programs where unnecessary duplication would be eliminated by such action, examined the interaction of R&D and strategy and advised the JCS, and reviewed proposed R&D budgets and made recommendations thereon; succeeded by ASD [R&E] in 1957)
Governmental acronym for Applied Science Division of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Administrative Services Division, DWD
Administrative Support Division (of FLAG)
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Alcohol screening device. A breath or saliva device, other than an EBT, that is approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and placed on a conforming products list (CPL) for such devices. Alcohol screening test. An analytic procedure to determine whether an employee may have a prohibited concentration of alcohol in a breath or saliva specimen.
Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) Stream Descriptor. .asd files are files that specify encoding parameters for the ASF Real Time Encoder, one of the NetShow Tools.
Azimuth Stern Drive. A particular group of propellers that are able to rotate 360 degrees. Being located at the stern of the vessel, these propellers serve as a steering mechanism, so no separate rudder is required.
Adjustable-speed drive
Alternative Service Delivery. also known as Alternate Service Delivery or Alternative Forms of Delivery, looks at new ways of delivering some of its services, frequently by contracting to suppliers for services that were previously provided in-house.
Alternative Service Delivery or Alternate Service Delivery, also known as Alternative Forms of Delivery, looks at new ways of delivering some of its services, frequently by contracting to suppliers for services that were previously provided in-house.
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Anchorage School District
Application Specific Discrete A trade mark which describes new structures developed mainly on the Tours site, and which integrates several discrete semiconductors on a single chip.
Automated Software Distribution
actual ship date. The actual date that products leave a manufacturer's plant or distribution center.
Asymmetric, Semi-Direct Distribution
Association for the Study of Dreams
Abbreviation for Aluminum Standards and Data book published by The Aluminum Association.
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Area Search Detachment
System Architecture and Investment Analysis
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Allowable Stress Design.