Definitions for "ascii "
ascii takes a command line argument, recognizes in it any of the synonyms for an ASCII character and prints all the others. Synonyms include decimal, octal and hex numerical values, ASCII mnemonics, ISO code points and official names, HTML/SGML style entities, and slang names ranging from common to obscure. As a side effect, ascii serves as a handy base converter for values in the range 0-
the American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a code consisting of a set of 128 7-bit combinations used in digital computers internally, for display purposes, and for exchanging data between computers. It is very widely used, but because of the limited number of characters encoded must be supplemented or replaced by other codes for encoding special symbols or words in languages other than English. Also used attributively; -- as, an ASCII file.
An acronym for American Standard Code of Information Interchange. MS-DOS style computers use this, while Commodore computers use PETASCII. Most CBM terminal programs can translate text files between the two formats.
ASCII is a squatted communication laboratory in the Dutch city of Amsterdam. The first incarnation was formed in 1997 and based at the Herengracht. Since then the lab has moved to the following locations: Jodenbreestraat, Kinkerstraat, Kostverlorenkade and Wibautstraat.
Persons who, at certain times of the year, have no shadow at noon; -- applied to the inhabitants of the torrid zone, who have, twice a year, a vertical sun.
ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) ASIO
A Shit Can Influence International
Computer language applicable to magnetic tape or disk.
Acronym for "Advanced System Common Interface Input".
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