Definitions for "Asceticism"
A lifestyle pursuing spiritual disciplines, including self-denial like fasting and celibacy, in order to strengthen the spiritual life. Purifying the body is seen as essential for drawing closer to God, especially in times of crisis (like the expected return of Christ). Ascetics tend to separate themselves from society, either as solitaries or in communities.
(Greek) Science of self-knowledge through discipline of mind and body.
( as·CET·i·cism). A rigorous self-denial of self-discipline, e.g., fasting, denial of sexual desires, self infliction of pain, mutilation, practiced from ancient times and often found in monastic religion where adherents live a life of austerity such as in Essene asceticism.
Keywords:  mode, practice, life, condition
The condition, practice, or mode of life, of ascetics.