Definitions for "Ascent"
Keywords:  upward, descent, incline, rise, tedious
The act of rising; motion upward; rise; a mounting upward; as, he made a tedious ascent; the ascent of vapors from the earth.
The degree of elevation of an object, or the angle it makes with a horizontal line; inclination; rising grade; as, a road has an ascent of five degrees.
An upward incline.
The ascent of a character cell defines the position of the baseline within every character cell of a font. It is the number of pixels from the top of the cell to the baseline. The baseline is not a pixel row itself, but occurs between two pixel rows.
In traditional typography the ascent of a font was the distance from the top of a block of type to the baseline. Its precise meaning in modern typograph seems to vary with different definers.
A font's maximum distance above the baseline. Click here for an example.
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A comprehensive asset management system designed for use by IT professionals as a way to track server and network computing devices. It is NOT intended to track desktop, laptop, or other "end user" workstation class equipment.
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Ascent is the physical movement from depth to the surface. Generally accepted as no faster than 18m (60ft) per minute with PADI, although virtually all dive computers are based on a 10m (33ft) or less per minute ascent rate.
Movement in the direction of reduced pressure, whether simulated or due to actual elevation in water or air.
Keywords:  eminence, hill, high, place
An eminence, hill, or high place.
Keywords:  ascends, way, means, one
The way or means by which one ascends.