Definitions for "Ascended Master"
A Master or Adept who has attained bodiless consciousness, and chooses to teach from another plane through such methods as dreams and visions, rather than reincarnating.
Enlightened spiritual beings who once lived on earth, fulfilled their reason for being and have ascended and reunited with God in the ritual of the ascension. The ascended masters are the true teachers of mankind. They direct the spiritual evolution of all devotees of God and guide them back to their Source.
Those who have reached the highest level of spiritual consciousness and are guides in mankind's spiritual evolution.
Keywords:  kuthumi, sananda, sanat, clout, kumara
A disembodied entity with clout; A.M. who's who list includes Sananda, Kuthumi, St. Germain, Maitreya and Sanat Kumara; see disembodied entity.