Definitions for "artwork"
photographs, illustrations, or other visual representations other than the text, in a printed publication.
The design including the text, produced by the artist.
This is the original advert, it is created on photographic paper onto which logos, border, illustrations and typeset copy are placed.
An accurately scaled configuration used to produce a Master Pattern.
Topological pattern of an integrated circuit accurately dimensioned for use in maskmaking. Generally a multiple of final mask size, which is usually produced by a step-and-repeat camera process.
An accurately scaled configuration used to produce the artwork master or production master Artwork Master
a snapshot of a total person in a specific amount of time - the caring, the curiosity, the passion, the drive, both on and off canvas - and all of this contributes to the whole picture of ME
Term usually used when referring to a sketch, comprehensive art, finished art, black and white or mechanical. Should be used only when referring to finished art.
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the design of your logo to be used on the garments.
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Original paintings of comic book art.
copy supplied for origination purposes, indicating colour separation and half-tones.
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a child of its time and the mother of its feelings
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a dot on a line
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Any portion of a published piece that is not text.