Definitions for "Artist"
An artful person; a schemer.
Man who is particularly adept, usually with prefix such as brake, pin, speed, etc.
a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
One who practices some mechanic art or craft; an artisan.
a practitioner in the arts, generally recognized as a professional by critics and peers.
A practitioner of the visual, performing, literary, media, craft, and/or folk arts.
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a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world
a dreamer who never woke up
a complete master of his tools
a healer who partakes of the power of the Good Physician because his or her works console and comfort
a leader, however small his following, and the very substance of art is revolution and a questioning and sometimes overturning of the values of the society which nurtures it
a creator, blowing out what he has inside
a creator, he is wedded to beauty and possesses liberty to freely exercise his talents as far as infusing life to divine creations is concerned
The creator of an original image.
Keywords:  egoist, godless
a godless egoist
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a gangsta, we aint afraid to take risks, aint afriad to say yes to thangs, cause we story tellers, we share our shit wit ppl, gang bangers kill, we aint gang bangers, we gangstas, gangstas chill
a "deus ex machina", restituting the status quo of the human and the humanity
a human being between colors and nothingness
a human being, not some superman above responsibility
a reflection of how the Liverpool music scene has become so obsessed with plagiarism, cocaine, arrogance and shameless name-dropping
a holographic hieroglyphic
an entertainer, number one - a storyteller who takes people someplace, who gives them what they didn't know they wanted
The Entertainer
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a craftsman like any other craftsman
One who professes and practices an art in which science and taste preside over the manual execution.
One who shows trained skill or rare taste in any manual art or occupation.
a person or company that owns the intellectual property rights of the files (songs)
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a man who creates a parallel universe, who doesn't want an imposed universe inflicted on him
Person who creates an aesthetic work or works in a performing art.
artists are responsible for creating the 2d textures and skins that add eye candy and create a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. artists also do design sketches that modelers use as a reference. some artists are also modelers and versa vice
a man who can draw and paint everything
a man with long hair who can't sell anything
a person who works toward a specific goal, doing anything and everything as well as sacrificing anything and everything to reach that goal
Keywords:  faulkner, demons, creature, driven
a creature driven by demons,' Faulkner
an individual who creates a picture, painting, sculpture, statue, etching, drawing, cartoon, graphic design, or original print item
GSC Graphics Accelerator
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a Webist if he or she agrees to the group's manifesto ( www
Keywords:  rabid, saint, dog, time
a saint, but at the same time, he is somewhat of a rabid dog
One who transforms an idea into a three-dimensional doll form by rearranging raw materials. See also
an originator of ideas
a bloke who can hold two fundamentally opposing views and still function"
a jerk, boring or just not very interesting, they can still do some really awesome covers
Keywords:  ukraine, stand, designer
a designer of stand of Ukraine
Keywords:  hitter, switch, total
a total switch-hitter
a passionate person, that expresses themselves in their good paintings as they are inspired to, not that they should do, due to time restrictions
a self declared title that anyone has the right to call themselves and define their own being
one who skillfully communicates beauty. (Drawing Lesson 5)
a FeaturePics website member who has uploaded at least one image
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an exposed nerve, a light, a conscience
Keywords:  crowd, above, face
a face above the crowd
A cheat who manipulates the deck (example: dealing from the bottom of the deck.)
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The band, composer, singer, etc. who recorded your CD.
a collection of small Molecular Biology programs
a pioneer of the times who explores the new as well as being an educator of the people
a professional if she has attained the highest level of excellence required by her specific discipline
a collection of quite simple applications, but some of its features can not be found elsewhere
Keywords:  thought, stimulator
a stimulator of thought
Keywords:  proceeds, failure
a failure who proceeds
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One who in one of the fine arts.
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The performer or performing group on a recording.
an Internet Application, which means it works like an