Definitions for "Artisan"
One trained to manual dexterity in some mechanic art or trade; and handicraftsman; a mechanic.
Artisan style is characterized by fine but not overly ornate workmanship that celebrates the maker`s community identity or ethnicity. In general, an artisan is a craftsperson who works by commission, taking pride in the quality of work but working to the commissioner`s specifications in terms of creative detail.
skilled worker. Used here as a craftsman or shepherd.
Hand-applied technique simulating cracks, worm holes, carved or worn edges, screw marks, chisel marks and dings to create the impression of naturally aged wood.
Formed in Hull in 1985 by vocalist Jon Michael Lawson (previously vocalist from Storm), drummer Patrick Tew, guitarist Neil Brocklebank, and bassist Paul Toohie, Artisan was a succesful hard rock band for the five years they were together. They frequently changed drummers, switching first from Tew to Carl Scholes, who was then replaced by Mark Gladstone. Andrew Thresh (punk band Plastic's ex-drummer) later took Gladstone's place in '88 and saw the band through to 1990 when they finally split.
Artisan' was an English vocal harmony trio, who sang a cappella. They consisted of songwriter Brian Bedford, his wife Jacey Bedford, and Hillary Spencer.
an individual engaged in business, but the individual's conception of business, and in particular the individual's conception of the Good of business, is very different to that of the modern manager
Artisans were self-employed craftsmen and small businessmen engaged in the production of a marketable good or service--tailor, shoemaker, printer, baker, etc.
The Artisan Temperament is one of the Four Temperaments defined by David Keirsey
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The brand name of the IOL lens currently in Phase III clinical studies at Pamel Vision and Laser Group.
One of the seven essence roles. Its positive pole is creation; its negative pole is artifice or self-deception. Artisans seek originality.
One who professes and practices some liberal art; an artist.
One who reproduces a doll by use of a mold or a pattern designed by an Artist.
a person who makes decorative useful objects
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an individual who creates