Definitions for "Artifact"
A product of human workmanship; -- applied esp. to the simpler products of aboriginal art as distinguished from natural objects.
Any product of human workmanship; -- applied both to objects made for practical purposes as well as works of art. It is contrasted to natural object, i.e. anything produced by natural forces without the intervention of man.
a human-made object, usually useful, like a tool
an object, oservation, phenomenon, or result arising from hidden or unexpected causes extraneous to the subject of a study, and therefore spurious and having potential to lead one to an erroneous conclusion, or to invalidate the study. In experimental science, artifacts may arise due to inadvertant contamination of equipment, faulty experimental design or faulty analysis, or unexpected effects of agencies not known to affect the system under study.
In video systems, something distorted or unintended observed in the reproduction of an image by the system. Flaws in a picture, such as cross-color artifacts, cross-luminance artifacts, judder, blocking, ghosts, etc.
Spurious effects or imperfections introduced into a signal as a result of digital signal processing.
(1)An ECG recording malfunction that resembles an arrhythmia or pacing system problem. (2) In a pacemaker EGG, the spike or small recorded mark representing the pulse generator's electrical output. Sometimes spelled artefact. See also pacing stimulus.
(or English Spelling Artefact)(1) A piece of information that (1) is produced, modified, or used by a process, (2) defines an area of responsibility, and (3) is subject to version control. An artifact can be a model model element, or a document. A document can enclose other documents. A piece of information that is used or produced by a software development process. An artifact can be a model, a description, or software. Synonym: product.
In reference to a recording, an artifact is an observed change that is not due to the experimental intervention. For example, a spike in a record due to a power surge would be an artifact.
A structure or appearance in protoplasm due to death, method of preparation of specimens, or the use of reagents, and not present during life.
A false reading.
A signal from a monitor which presents false information due to movement of the patient or interference from a source other than the intended subject
Non-book item found in a collection
an item in which specific powers have been imbedded, those powers can be used by any character who possesses the artifact
a magic item of incredible power
a document, a model ( UML or otherwise), a set of images, code -- virtually anything -- created during a project
Any tangible product that is produced by the project team, i.e. requirements documents, help systems, code, executables, test documentation, test results, UML diagrams, etc. Ideally, all artifacts will be placed in a version control system, but each team will have it's own version control guidelines.
A document used or produced by a teacher candidate in planning instruction, during instruction, or as part of an assessment that will help TPA assessors better understand the activity featured in a videotape or written about in a response. This might include, but is not limited to, student work, a lesson plan(s), a unit plan, an assessment instrument, a rubric, task directions, assessment directions, etc. An artifact as evidence can assist an assessor in understanding a teacher’s analysis and rationale.
a piece of evidence from your various course work, school experiences, or life experiences that shows you have met a certain conceptual framework outcome at one of the three competency levels
a sample of the candidate's work that provides evidence of meeting a standard
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a product of an organization if that organization created the product for sale
a product of the software development process
Any product or by-product of IT, intentional or otherwise. Grady Booch's "Vast Stinking Wasteland" is made of hundreds of thousands of these. For greater software development productivity, the key is differentiating between an artifact and an asset, below.
An artifact is a file that you place in your portfolio to turn in or display. An artifact can be any type of file.
An artifact is a file that you place in your Portfolio to turn in or dsiplay. Many file formats are allowed, including word documents, JPG images, MPEG sounds, and more.
uses | notes: 0 | add note used on: Benefits An item purposefully placed in a portfolio. name note
An abstract representation of some aspect of an existing or to-be-built system, component, or view. Examples of individual artifacts are a graphical model, structured model, tabular data, and structured or unstructured narrative. Individual artifacts may be aggregated. [Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework
a model that coincidentally fits only the data found in sample S but does not represent the underlying, non-random process that generated S
a piece of information, such as a document or a model , that is produced, modified, and/or used within a process
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a phenomenon created by actors performing work
'fact' of an 'invention'. Something that is invented, which at times pass of as a fact of 'real' world. An important phenomenon in reasoning in Languages of Common Use (LCU).
a "thing" (very technical term)
A leftover creation of the Demon Kings. Usually powerful and dangerous, although lumina is technically an artifact.
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filter monaural semitone
a discreet, observable, nameable representation of an idea or set of ideas
a product of a particular time and place, more than that it represents the IDEAS and TECHNOLOGY of a particular civilization
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Artifact is a multi-player, real-time strategy game from Samu Games. It has been continuously online since 1999. There are players who have been in the 'online community' for years, some only logging on to chat, rather than play.
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a crucial point of the gameplay
A spurious indication on a radiograph arising e.g. from faults in the manufacturing, handling, exposing or processing of a film.
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a visible flaw in the final movie that detracts from its effectiveness
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See fixation artifacts.
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a realisation of a Design
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a structure or substance not present, but made to appear present as a result of some action
A feature which appears in an NMR spectrum of a molecule which should not be present based on the chemical structure and pulse sequence used. [ Chapter 7
In nondestructive inspection, and indication that may be interpreted.
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A visual effect caused by an error or limitation in the system.
The effects seen on a TV screen caused by errors in a digital signal. See also Cliff Effect.
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Artist Proof (AP) Ash
a reference to an authentication assertion
One of the documents described by the technology life cycle methodology. It may be paper or virtual.
The term artifact in connection with software development is largely associated with specific development methods or processes e.g., Unified Process. This usage of the term may have originated with those methods.
Information pertaining to the scope, analysis, design or construction of a system.
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a fragment of world alteration
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book pocket call number date due slip
Piece of architecture information discovered through data collection
File(s) generated during the build of a module, of interest to developers, but not typically distributed to end users, such as test suite results, source code analysis reports.
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a spell that remains in play
a construction, in the sense that the associated meaning is local to a community of knowing and subject to a (social) construction process
a physical unit, such as a file, executable, script, database, etc
a single file produced by a company when releasing a module