Definitions for "Articulated"
Keywords:  hinge, jewelry, skeleton, joint, tic'u
United by, or provided with, articulations; jointed; as, an articulated skeleton.
Attached by means of a movable joint; jointed.
Joints still connected.
two or more bones left in their anatomical position after tissue decay.
Bones that are still joined together as they would have been in life
Bones that are in their correct anatomical positions.
Produced, as a letter, syllable, or word, by the organs of speech; pronounced.
pronounced distinctly and clearly; "her words were well articulated"
A steam locomotive with two separate sets of drivers rods and cylinders beneath a single boiler. Usually one set of drivers' rods and cylinders is pivoted so it can swing from side-to-side around curves while the boiler remains rigidly attached to the rear set of drivers, rods and cylinders.
Laminated] Constructed with overlapping plates. (armour) (Davis, H.W. C. (ed.) Medieval England, 615)
A planned sequence of curricula and course offerings from Grades K–12. The planned sequence may involve looking at course offerings across grade levels (vertical articulation) or the curriculum at a single grade level (horizontal articulation).
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toy that can be manipulated into various positions.
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The ability to move head and/or limbs.