Definitions for "ARTERIES"
Thick, muscular vessels that drive oxygenated blood from the heart toward the tissues.
The vessels that branch from the aorta. They carry oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.
blood vessels carry blood from the heart to the tissues. The arteries carry the oxygenated blood from the right and left ventricles of the heart to all parts of the body.
Fibrinolysis Prevalence
Hydroxyurea Prevalence
Hormonal Psoriasis
Hormonal Recurrence
Hormones Psoriasis
Herpes Psychology
Herpes Reinfection
Haemorrhage Perioperative
Keywords:  premenstrual, hemorrhage
Hemorrhage Premenstrual
Hypersensitivity Purpura
Keywords:  hematogenous, phenotype
Hematogenous Phenotype
Keywords:  remission
Hyperlipoproteinemia Proximal
Keywords:  hemodilution, receptor
Hemodilution Receptor
Keywords:  prednisone, hepatitis
Hepatitis Prednisone
Keywords:  hyperostosis, pulse
Hyperostosis Pulse
Keywords:  postoperative, histamine
Histamine Postoperative
Keywords:  glutamine, prostatitis
Glutamine Prostatitis
Keywords:  hematocrit, proteins
Hematocrit Proteins
Immunodeficiency Precancerous
Keywords:  prosthesis, glucose
Glucose Prosthesis
Keywords:  holidays, pulmonary
Holidays Pulmonary
Keywords:  rheumatoid, humoral
Humoral Rheumatoid
Keywords:  homologous, proportional
Homologous Proportional
Keywords:  potassium
Immunization Respiratory
Keywords:  town, streets, city, major
The major streets of a city or town.