Definitions for "Artemis"
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the virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon in Greek mythology; one of the Olympian deities, daughter of Zeus and Leto and twin sister of Apollo; identified with the Roman Diana.
Olympian goddess variously associated with light, childbearing, viriginity, protection and the hunt. Twin sister to Apollo
In Greek mythology Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollo. In Roman mythology, she was known as Diana. In Etruscan mythology, she took the form of Artume.
Artemis is a mega-brothel in Germany, where prostitution is legal and widespread. The 'wellness brothel' opened in Berlin in September 2005, a four-story building complete with a pool, three saunas, two cinemas, and with room for up to 70 prostitutes and 600 customers. "Im Gewerbegebiet", Berliner Zeitung, November 10, 2005. Extensive report on Haki Simsek and Artemis.
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Artemis Pet Food Company, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of holistic pet foods. Established in 1998, and based in North Hollywood, California on the premise that an animal's health starts with its diet.
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The Artemis (formerly Royal Princess) is a cruise ship which first entered operation in 1984.
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Artemis (born 1947) is a contemporary artist and weaver.
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Artemis is the brand name of one of the world's leading software based project planning tools.