Definitions for "Art Work"
a product of art-making activity (e.g., a devised drama, play script, comedy sketch)
Any material or image that is prepared for graphic reproduction.
The original design intended for reproduction. COMPREHENSIVE: design produced primarily for customer approval layout, etc., not necessarily camera ready. ROUGH (SKETCH): a sketch or drawing to show relationship of design elements, in unfinished form. SEPARATED: art work produced to indicate separations of color areas; i.e., a separate layout for each color. CAMERA READY ART: the original design, completely finished as it is to appear in the reproduction. Must be furnished in black and white format. FINISHED ART: art that is complete in all respect; a true prototype of the anticipated reproduction; camera ready.
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Wall/Shelf Accessory. We carry different types of art work. Our main line of art work is through Kimberly Grant. As with all pictures, keep out of reach of baby. The art work we carry is ligh weight and all are approximately 10" x 10".
Design work produced for use
Illustrative materials, pasteups, mechanicals.
Illustrative materials, paste-ups, mechanicals.
a product of art-making activity (e.g., a painting, sculpture, photograph, drawing)