Definitions for "Art Department"
The seekers in the art department of the Sanatan practice spiritual art as their primary satseva. This involves developing their subtle perception by using the subtle vision to understand the specific forms of deities or divine principles, and portraying it accurately. Such images, portrayed with devotion and the accuracy of subtle readings, emanate the energy of the particular divine principle to a great extent. Thus, such images help invoke devotion or spiritual emotion in the viewer, facilitating his smooth spiritual practice. Refer to the for an array of various deities' images, published by the Sanatan. The Sanatan's art department also prepares spiritually pure ( sattvik) fonts, chanting strips and other such Holy material that facilitate spiritual practice.
the academic department responsible for teaching art and art appreciation
The section of a production's crew concerned with visual artistry. Working under the supervision of the production designer and/or art director, the art department is responsible for arranging the overall "look" of the film (i.e. modern/high-tech, rustic, futuristic, etc.) as desired by the director. Individual positions within in this department include: production designer, production buyer, special effects supervisor, draftsman, art director, assistant art director, set decorator, set dresser, property master, leadman, swing gang, and property assistant.