Definitions for "arrears"
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The amount of debt due to be paid, overdue in payment. For example with a mortgage...
Payment made after it is due is in arrears. Interest is said to be paid in arrears since it is paid to the date of payment rather than in advance.
Money not paid when due. Usually the sum of a series of unpaid amounts, such as rent, instalments on an account or monthly child support.
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Another word for grace copies
See "Grace Copies."
Issues of a magazine sent after the subscription has expired. Publications audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) may count these subscribers in their circulation for a maximum of three additional months.
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Arrears Arrears breakdown
Failure to pay for something by the agreed date.
The amount of money by which a contract or obligation is in default.
Non-performance of an obligation by the date stipulated by an agreement.
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Assumable Assumption of Note
Child maintenance or child support owing under an order, agreement or assessment.• Child Maintenance/Child Support
Debt outstanding on financial products.