Definitions for "Armstrong"
Armstrong is a tiny lunar impact crater located in the southern part of the Mare Tranquillitatis. It lies about 50 kilometers to the northeast of the Apollo 11 landing site. Armstrong is the eastern-most of the row of three craters named in honor of the Apollo 11 crew members, being named after Neil Armstrong.
United States astronaut; the first man to set foot on the moon (July 20, 1969) (1930-)
United States jazz trumpeter and bandleader (1900-1971)
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"Armstrong" is the sixth episode of the Disney animated television series Duck Tales.
Old-style equipment operated by muscular effort, such as hand-brakes, some turntables, engines without automatic stokers, etc.
In the continuity of New Earth, the Armstrong was a space shuttle that transported personnel from Space Station One to the Atari Institute.