Definitions for "Armagnac"
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The specific term for a distilled and cask-aged grape distillate from the Armagnac region of France. Armagnacs are continuous distilled from local fermented grapes and aged in black oak for a period of 2-35 years or more. They are bottled at 40-42% alcohol and classified youngest to oldest: 1) VS, 3 stars (2-5 years old); VSOP, 5 stars (5-6 years old), XO, also known as Reserve, Extra, Cordon Bleu, Paradis or Napoleon (6 years and up). Once bottled, Armagnac, like most spirits do not age in the bottle. Also See Brandy and See Cognac.
A member of the brandy family known for its distinct, unpolished flavor with hints of prune. Armagnac can be found in most liquor stores. Back to the top
aged French brandy
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