Definitions for "ARL"
AUTHORITY REVOCATION LIST. A list of revoked Certifying Authority certificates. An ARL is a CRL for Certifying Authority cross-certificates.
Authority Revocation List, a time-stamped list of the serial numbers of public key certificates that have been revoked, signed with the key of the issuing certificate authority.
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Antwerps Rotterdamse Liga
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Anti-Retroviral Leukaemia
See Adjusted Ring Length
Average run lengths. On a control chart, the number of subgroups expected to be inspected before a shift in magnitude takes place.
Average Run Length. The mean (average) of the run length. This is the average number of samples that are taken until an alarm is signaled by the control chart.
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Automatic Record Level. See Automatic Gain Control (AGC).
Anticipated residue level. The expected levels of pesticide in food crops and in processed foods. Data on ARLs comes from the proportion of the crop actually treated. The data used may vary depending on whether the estimate is made prior to registration of a pesticide or after a pesticide is in use. Residue data on foods collected in market basket surveys can be used, or ARL may be from manufacturers field trials and processing studies.
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Automated Reverse Logistics
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Landing craft repair ship
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Alignment Reference Line