Definitions for "Aristotle"
A Greek philosopher, Aristotle was the student of Plato and tutor to Alexander the Great. His works on a number of subjects such as logic, metaphysics, biology, rhetoric, ethics, and poetry have survived. His work on metaphysics particularly, exerted an influence on medieval theologians. The strength of his philosophy prompted a desire to integrate it with Christian ideas.
(384-322 BC): the main philosopher of ancient Greece, one of the most encyclopaedic thinkers of all times; was the tutor of Alexander the Great.
One of the greatest ancient Greek philosophers, born in Stagira in about 384 b.C., had been a Plato’s disciple. His main works are about metaphysic, logic (under the name of Organon) and aesthetic and art ( Poetics). In logic he introduced the syllogism; he defined art as imitation of the nature. In astronomy, he proposed a conception of the Universe as a finite sphere, with the Earth in its center and the stars around it. This conception will be later improved by Ptolemy and will be commonly accepted until about the XV century. Dante’s cosmology is basically from Aristotle.
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Aristotle is an active training simulation that is capable of dynamically and adaptively training any subject in any language using the learners own personality traits and learning modality. This project is currently being developed in PHP/MySQL.