Definitions for "ARIA"
An air or song; a melody; a tune.
(Ital.) : Composition for solo voice, usually a movement of a larger work ( cantata, oratorio, opera).
A solo vocal piece in an opera or operetta usually of a melodic and reflective nature.
Aria (Greek Areia/Aria, Latin Aria, representing Old Persian. Haraiva, Avestan Haraeuua), name of a region in the eastern part of the Persian empire, several times confused with Ariane in the classical sources. Aria was an Old Persian satrapy, which enclosed chiefly the valley of the river Hari Rud (Greek Areios, this being eponymous to the whole land according to Arrian (Anabasis 4.6.6) and which in antiquity was considered as particularly fertile and, above all, rich in wine; its capital was Alexandria (probably since 330 BC), the modern Herat (northwest Afghanistan).
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Kozue Amano. It is serialized in Mag Garden's monthly magazine Comic Blade, and has been collected into nine tankōbon volumes to date with more releases planned in 2006. It is actually a sequel series to the two volume series, AQUA, which is an introductory series to Aria and tells of how Akari comes to AQUA.
or Aria: Canticle of the Monomyth(tm) is an amazingly complicated roleplaying game published by Last Unicorn Games.
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Aria is a manufacturer of accoustic and electric guitars and basses. The company was formed in Japan in 1953 by Shiro Arai as Arai and Company. They began making accoustic guitars in 1960 and electric guitars in 1966.
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Aria was an airline based in Mulhouse, France. It operated charter services from its main base at Basle-Mulhouse Airport (BSL). Services were suspended in January 2005.
Australian Record Industry Association. ARIA operates much like the RIAA, in that it represents the interests of various music industry members, largely including labels. They have been closely affiliated with the fight against copyright violations in illegal filesharing.
a braille notetaker with speech output designed for use by persons who are blind or have low vision
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Aria is a 1987 British film produced by Don Boyd from Virgin Group's visual section consisting of ten short pieces directed by a variety of directors.
ARIA is a web based accounting and inventory managment package based off the NOLA project. ARIA aim's to be platform and browser independent with multi-language support.
a national industry association representing major and independent record producers, manufacturers and distributors
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In cryptography, ARIA is a block cipher designed in 2003 by a large group of Korean researchers. In 2004, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards selected it as a standard cryptographic technique.
Arctic Environmental Impact Assessment
Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia
Application for Recording of Incidents and Actions.
See American Risk and Insurance Association. (G)