Definitions for "Arginine"
This amino acid boosts nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes blood vessels. Combats fatigue, stimulates the immune system, helps keep arteries flexible and boosts blood flow. An amino acid in which studies have shown it to respond to bacteria, viruses and tumour cells, promotes wound healing and regeneration of the liver. It also causes the release of growth hormones, and is considered crucial for optimal muscle growth tissue repair.
A nonessential amino acid but may be essential for individuals with certain diseases or nutritional concerns. May promote the release of growth hormone. Involved in creatine synthesis, a compound that stores energy in muscle. Helps to remove ammonia from the body as part of the urea cycle.
(Arg, R) An amino acid.
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Hyperthyroidism Psychotropic
Hyperpigmentation Pharmacist
Gingivitis Prostate
Hydrochlorothiazide Prostate
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Immersion Pruritus
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Detoxifies Poisonous waste from the blood and supports the function of the immune system. It is necessary for cell reproduction and controls body cell degeneration.
stimulation and stabilization of immune system; considered crucial for optimal muscle growth and tissue repair.
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Hyperplasia Progressive
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Arg pos. charged polar