Definitions for "ARENA"
The area in the central part of an amphitheater, in which the gladiators fought and other shows were exhibited; -- so called because it was covered with sand.
"Sand" or "gravel" in the kidneys.
The sand floor area in an amphitheatre where games and combats took place.
Facility type featuring a large flat main floor surrounded by fixed seats in a sloping oval or modified oval shape, much steeper that the typical theater. Some are arranged in two or more tiers. Sight lines are nearly always designed for events the size of a hockey floor, circus, ice show, or basketball court.
An indoor stadium usually used for basketball and hockey, and entertainment such as concerts.
a large indoor or outdoor riding area usually fenced, and with soft footing
Any of several undisclosed locations operated by the Organization for Combat Driving (OCD), where participants from their own or other races can compete with one another for fame and glory. Several towns include an NPC Arena liaison that coordinates matches. Arena battles can consist of ladder-based tournaments, team versus team battles and so forth, in a variety of settings. Bars Bars are the second tier of money in the Auto Assault universe. Any one kilo bar of pure refined metal is one bar and one bar is worth one thousand scrip. Also referred to as chunk or heavy metal.
a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
a playing field where sports events take place
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a FREE available Graphical User Interface (GUI) for chess programs ( engines ) by Martin Blume
Arena is a freeware GUI for chess programs (engines) by Martin Blume. Arena runs on Win95, NT4 or higher Microsoft OS versions. Arena is compatible to Winboard protocol I, II and UCI protocol I, II.
Arena is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Vibo Valentia in the Italian region Calabria, located about 50 km southwest of Catanzaro and about 15 km southeast of Vibo Valentia. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 1,678 and an area of 32.4 km².All demographics and other statistics: Italian statistical institute Istat.
a PvP location outside the Heroes' Ascent tournament or Guild matches
In some tournaments the final stepladder finish is held in a special location such as a convention center or auditorium to accommodate more fans; lanes, usually 4 or 6, are installed in the setting much like as a stage; the lanes are taken down and removed from the site at the conclusion of the competition. Due to the very high scores of some finals held in arenas, the term has also come to mean a very easy condition.
Arena is a manufacturer of competitive swimwear. It was founded in 1973 by Horst Dassler, son of the creator of Adidas. The company is popular in Europe, where it is based, though it also offers products on the international market.
"Arena" is an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. It is a first season episode, #18, production #19, first broadcast January 19 1967 and repeated on July 6, 1967. It was written by Gene L.
Arena is the German Pay-TV company that got the broadcast rights for German "Fußball Bundesliga 2006/2007" (football 1st and 2nd league). They offer their paid services via cable and satellite. Arena broadcasts also Live matchs from the PRIMERA DIVISIÓN in Spain or from the Seria A in Italia.
A place where thousands of viewers can attend a live game.
A confined space in which Quake III Arena game play occurs. This is also called a "map" or a "level".
a room where players meet to play each different game
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Arena is a British progressive rock band founded in 1995 by Clive Nolan and Mick Pointer. All of the band's lyrics are written by Nolan.
Any place of public contest or exertion; any sphere of action; as, the arenaof debate; the arena of life.
a particular environment or walk of life; "his social sphere is limited"; "it was a closed area of employment"; "he's out of my orbit"
a sphere of action which is not encompassed by rigid barriers and where several interactions may be going on at the same time
In politics, an imaginary rat-pit in which the statesman wrestles with his record.
where a horse is worked. It is much like a paddock only quite a bit larger and instead of turining the horses loose, this is where riders practice their equitation.
a craft designer, author, crafts business educator, and veteran entrepreneur who has sold her products at craft shows and craft malls and wholesaled to retail shops
a research centre for European studies based at the University of Oslo
Applied Research Ethics National Association
An experimental Web browser program, being developed at CERN.
Arena is a web browser developed by the W3 C for testing support for HTML 3 and Cascading Style Sheets.
Arena is the debut EP by The Accident Experiment. It was released in 2003.
a block (or blocks) of memory from which we allocate objects as needed
A portion of memory shared by OpenGL Performer processes.
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a great venue to have
West Campus student development publication which contains announcements and important information for students and staff.
a site on which several males aggregate but does not form the habitat normally used by the species for other activities such as feeding
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a substantial investment, and you will want to be able to enjoy it day or night, all year round
An acting area surrounded by the audience, either totally or on three (sometimes two) sides
The area where the auctioneer works and the vehicles are offered for sale. (Also called Ring)
a place where s-interaction takes place (at a certain time) according to certain rules (institutions)