Definitions for "Archivist"
Archivist is a program for "Magic the Gathering" developed by Richard Garfield. Archivist allows you to create Magic Decks for Mindless Automaton and Apprentice. You can manage your private card collection, too. Windows and Linux! Archivist makes us
A keeper of archives or records.
An archivist manages, preserves, and makes accessible manuscripts and records of permanent value to an organization or project, including photographs, oversized materials, and audiovideo recordings. This is done through a process of appraisal, accessioning, cataloging, conducting a condition survey, appropriate rehousing, arranging and describing the collection, exhibition, providing access and use to researchers, and managing the intellectual property rights of an archival collection. Increasingly, archivists handle digitized materials, including electronic text, data, and photos. They enhance access and use of a collection by creating finding aids, descriptive guides that assist locating and using the collections. Archivists often have a M.A. in Library Science (hopefully with an emphasis in archives or manuscripts) or a discipline like history or anthropology. Not enough archivists working with archeological records have a M.A. in Archival Science.
The archivist is a character class in the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition roleplaying game that was introduced in Heroes of Horror. Based in characters who aid their religion more through knowledge gained academically than through direct communion with the divine, the archivist fits more the image of the travelling researcher than the cloistered wizard.
one who is in charge of an archive.
a person in charge of collecting and cataloguing archives
One who is in charge of archives. A custodian of archives.
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an appointed position
A person responsible for, or engaged in, one or more of the functions listed under archives administration.