Definitions for "Architecture"
The art or science of building; especially, the art of building houses, churches, bridges, and other structures, for the purposes of civil life; -- often called civil architecture.
Construction, in a more general sense; frame or structure; workmanship.
The design and style of buildings.
An overarching framework that allows individual ITS services and technologies to work together, share information, and yield synergistic benefits. The National ITS Architecture was released as a final document in June 1996.
A framework for organizing the planning and implementation of data resources. The set of data, processes, and technologies that an enterprise has selected for the creation and operation of information systems. The blueprint that describes the environment that the data warehouse, analysis application, or operational system is built.
a blueprint and set of guidelines for doing this
neutral A buzzword applied to Sun's Java programming language that is meant to imply its ability to execute under a number of computer architectures without requiring recompilation or code changes.
Microcontrollers based on the Harvard Architecture have separate data and instruction busses. This allows execution instructions to occur in parallel. As an instruction is being "pre-fetched", the instruction is executing on the data bus. Once the current instruction is complete, the next instruction is ready. This pre-fetch theoretically allows for much faster execution than a Von-Neuman architecture, but a certain amount of added silicon complexity exists. The PPC 405 core is built on Harvard architecture. Microcontrollers based on the Von-Neuman architecture have a single "data" bus that is used to fetch both instructions and data. Program instructions and data are stored in a common main memory. When such a controller addresses main memory, it first fetches an instruction, then fetches the data to support the instruction. The two separate fetches slow down the controller's operation.
(As applied to computers), the structured organization of elements in a computational mechanism -- for example, the difference between sequential processing and parallel distributed processing machines is said to be a difference in architecture. See also Computation, (non-) von Neumann Architecture.
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a multidisciplinary architectural firm headed by two young architects, Udai Bhan Singh and Anil Tikoo
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a wonderful servant, but a terrible master
The format in which clients and servers are set up. The RC5-64 project has a pyramid architecture, with a master keyserver at the top, many proxy keyservers in the middle and clients at the bottom. See also: client, server.
A grand vision for a technologist's utopia that could be delivered if provided with: 1. unlimited resources; 2. infinite budget; 3. removal of all demands from uses to deliver worthwhile functionality.
The shaky foundation upon which gothically ornate programming code is built. (cf The Fall of the House of Usher).
See program architecture.
Archival Stability Archtop Guitar
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A step in the web site and information design processes. With a diagram, architecture can tell us how many pages are in a web site, how they relate to one another, and how they link together. For databases, the diagram will show how information will relate to one another.
Doug's diagram.
a perennial benchmark leader, producing faster scores at higher resolutions and refresh rates than Jakarta
See: the beginning of the definition of bytecode
a conceptual model
a three-tiered client/server model that enables processing, data, and services to be distributed over many nodes and locations
a result of close cooperation with different oil and gas companies around the world, fusing their know-how with existing knowledge of fieldbus and industrial Ethernet
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a defacto standard, still in wide use where high performance is not necessary
a fixed set of mechanisms that enable the acquisition and use of content in a memory to guide behavior in the pursuit of goals
identifies the requirements and applications of a network.
a federate platform of the various mechanisms of distribution
an ideal platform for applications where availability is essential for business continuity, such as in network security
a formalized description of which ITS elements will be deployed, the entities that will deploy them, and how those entities will communicate with the ITS elements and with each other
a plan for implementation - it is not the instance of the entity
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an abs traction and one wants it to be something one can reason about
a better overall strategy than others
a highly questionable strategy
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Landscapes, layers
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see "Multimedia Architecture"
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a set of libraries which are so poorly encapsulated that if you want to use one of them you have to use all of them
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See: Oracle architecture
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a type of CPU on which an object file is to run
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flow chart of Web site information.
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an enabling technology
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This term refers to the arrangement of a website.
The organization of content and pages in a website.
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an architectural product or work
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See " Product Architecture."