Definitions for "Arbor"
Keywords:  spindle, axle, mandrel, lathe, shaft
An axle or spindle of a wheel or opinion.
A mandrel in lathe turning.
Wheel axle.
A kind of latticework formed of, or covered with, vines, branches of trees, or other plants, for shade; a bower.
A tree, as distinguished from a shrub.
vine entanglement within the crowns of shrubs or trees.
US equivalent of CRADLE in a counterweight flying system.
the center part of a fly reel where line and backing (first) is wound.
A carriage or frame designed to contain counterweights used in a manual rigging systems.
a fancier and horticulturally more pleasing support, but it makes grape growing more difficult
an open, framed, boxlike structure -- either freestanding with four posts or pillars, or attached to a house or outbuilding with just two supporting posts or pillars
A metal barrel, frame, or plate to support or carry part of a mold or core. A device to reinforce or lift a mass of sand. See Core, Mold.
A fortunate omen for those involved in the arts, for others it's a warning against repeating hearsay.
Keywords:  coiler, spring, wire, coiled, wound
A bar or pipe around which wire is wound to form a spring.
A round rod on a spring coiler over which wire is coiled to form a spring.
Larger than an arch and often enclosed on one side to form a secluded nook. It's usually made of wood or plastic, but you can train plant materials, such as evergreens, to form part of the enclosure.
Keywords:  bushings, pivots, brass, jewel, gear
Bearing element of a gear (s.) or balance, whose ends - called pivots (s.) - run in jewel (s.) holes or brass bushings.
Keywords:  safe, threaded, door, handle, end
n. the threaded end of a safe door handle
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a sponsor of the event