Definitions for "Arbitrage"
A traffic in bills of exchange (see Arbitration of Exchange).
the simultaneous or near simultaneous purchase and sale of the same or closely linked securities or commodities in different markets to make a profit on the (often small) differences in price.
Trading strategy taking advantage of the price difference of two or more securities to make an immediate (risk free) profit.
A combination of two odds that due to variations with different sports books guarantees the punter a win. Sounds like paradise right but be warned. Allot of problems arise when playing an arbitrage. Read more about it here: Arbitrage - A sure win
To arbitrage is to make a combination of bets such that if one bet loses another wins. There is an implication of having an edge, at no or low risk. Arbitrage can also be used as a noun. Hedge has a similar meaning, but does not carry the implication of having an edge.
Where a variation in odds available allows a punter to back both sides and guarantee a win.
The difference between the interest on governmental obligations exempt from federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code and the yield on securities and obligations that are not exempt from federal income tax in which the proceeds of the governmental obligations are invested.
earning more interest on an investment than the interest cost on the debt proceeds used to make that investment. The Internal Revenue Code regulates the amount and conditions under which arbitrage on the investment of bond proceeds is permissible and the 1986 Tax Reform Act requires, with a few exceptions, that arbitrage earnings must be rebated to the federal government.
The relationship of the interest rates on a debt issue to the interest rates achieved on the temporary investment of bond proceeds. Positive arbitrage occurs when the investment income received is greater than the interest expense on the bonds. The Internal Revenue Service has restrictions on positive arbitrage. See Rebate.
Judgment by an arbiter; authoritative determination.
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Asset Allocation
This is borrowing money to lend out again at a higher rate of interest.