Definitions for "Arak"
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Same as Arrack.
(Also Arrack and Arrak) A generic term that refers to spirits, most often flavoured with anise, made in parts of the Pacific and Southeast Asia.
Also known as Arrack, Arraki, Racki, Rakija. This is group of (usually) colorless distillates made from sugar cane juice or rice. They are very popular in the Middle East and the South Pacific and to a lesser degree in the Balkans. They may be flavored with figs, dates, grapes, raisins or plums and are usually bottled at 40-50% alcohol. How to serve: Arak should be drunk in fairly abstemious measures. Owing to its rough potency, arak is not generally served chilled, and it is safer to sip it appreciatively.[] Argentarium(tm): A popular Italian local orange brandy made by monks. See Orange Brandy. See Liquor Quik Essences - Orange Brandy
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A tree from which toothbrushes (Siwak) are made.
A tree from which Siwak is made.
Many high quality rugs were woven in this city and province in northwest Iran. Most rug production took place in the late 19th century when European companies commissioned large decorative rugs for the European market. Rug weaving centers include those of Mahal, Sultanabad, Sarouk, Lilihan, Ferahan and Saraband.
Arak is a fictional character, a Native American hero in the DC Comics universe.
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