Definitions for "Arabesque"
A style of ornamentation either painted, inlaid, or carved in low relief. It consists of a pattern in which plants, fruits, foliage, etc., as well as figures of men and animals, real or imaginary, are fantastically interlaced or put together.
Relating to, or exhibiting, the style of ornament called arabesque; as, arabesque frescoes.
A complex and ornate linear design of intertwined floral, foliate and geometrical figures.
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A position of the body balancing on one leg while the other leg is extended (usually) to the back. The complementary arm positions vary according to the different schools of technique.
position in which the dancer has one leg raised behind and arms outstretched in a conventional pose
a line that dancers make
Arabesque is a 1966 thriller starring Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. The movie is based on Gordon Cotler's novel The Cypher and directed by Stanley Donen, who also directed Charade, Indiscreet, Funny Face, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Saturn 3.
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Arabesque was a famous German disco music group formed in 1977, consisting of Sandra Cretu (joined the group in 1979), Jasmin Vetter, and Michaela Rose. After a split in 1984 Jasmin Vetter and Michaela Rose continued as the group "Rouge", while Sandra Cretu started her career in the group Sandra with Michael Cretu.
Arabesque is a 2006 gay erotic film released by Raging Stallion Studios. The film stars Raging Stallion exclusive models Huessein and Francois Sagat. In March 2006 it was nominated for 9 Gay VN Awards of which it won two (best group scene and best music).
A complex ornamentation characterized by graceful and fanciful plant forms entwining another form.
A fanciful piano piece. Ornate passage varying or accompanying a theme.
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Bakewell of Pittsburgh pattern of pressed glass having bands of dotted loops with an overall look as stippled and dotted keyholes.
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flowery designs found in paintings