Definitions for "Aquarium"
An artificial pond, or a globe or tank (usually with glass sides), in which living specimens of aquatic animals or plants are kept.
Where the fish are.
Pond or tank in which living plants and animals are kept away from their natural habitat.
a fascinating topic to write on
a miniature ecosystem that often fascinates children and adults alike
a miniature living world, and to prepare the house means to establish in this little world all the necessary biology, which will allow a healthy life for the major inhabitants in this small and enclosed realm
a good choice
a good example of a shared habitat
a perfect home although many people have success with plastic sweater boxes
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Aquarium/Financial District Station of the MBTA, is a station on the Blue Line, serving the New England Aquarium and Boston's Financial District. Above ground, the exits are located in the Financial District at Atlantic Avenue and State Street near International Place. There are also connections to MBTA ferries, other ferries and excursion cruises at nearby Long Wharf, including water taxi to Logan International Airport.
Aquarium is a station on the River Line light rail system, located on Delaware Avenue in Camden, New Jersey. It is named for the nearby Adventure Aquarium.
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Released in 1997, Aquarium was the debut album from Scandinavian dance-pop group Aqua. Although the group had been together for three years, albeit under their original name Joyspeed, they had never released an album and up until the release of Aquarium only one release of any kind had occurred, being a single called "Itzy Bitsy Spider". The album is best known as including three UK number ones in "Barbie Girl", "Doctor Jones" and "Turn Back Time", the first of those being a huge hit across the globe and a platinum seller Stateside.
Aquarium is an album by Naomi.
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a feature in the lounge
a closed system and must be maintained by you, the hobbyist to optimum conditions
a closed system, so the hardness had to come from somewhere
a closed system that must be regularly maintained
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a principled man and also idealistic
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a "zoo" within the meaning of this subdivision
a delicate eco-system in its own right and achieving the right balance of micro-organisms is crucial
a beautiful thing
a "system" of intertwined and interdependent things
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an inter-active television for cats An arch criminal is one who robs shoe stores
a lot like a computer, With both, you look through a piece of glass, and choose your level of entertainment and challenge Welcome
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a good house for small fuzzies
a small piece of a larger natural system
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a child magnet
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a very stimulating place
a specifically