Definitions for "APT"
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Arbitrage Pricing Theory. An alternative asset pricing model to the Capital...
Arbitrage pricing theory: A valuation method which is theoretically sound but which is difficult to apply in practice.... more on: APT
Arbitrage Pricing Theory. An asset pricing model that assumes a linear relation between required return and systematic risk as measured by 1 or more factors according to Rj = mj + b1jF1 + ... + bKjFK + ej.
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Automatic Picture Transmission, a way of transmitting analogue images, as used by NOAA and Meteosat for example. Higher quality digital images are transmitted on a different frequency, see HRPT and PDUS respectively.
Automatic Picture Transmission (TIROS, ATS, ESSA, NOAA-n).
The simple analog mode of NOAA image transmission is known as utomatic icture ransmission, or APT. APT images have a ground resolution of around 4km. NOAA satellites also transmit a higher resolution digital mode known as igh esolution icture ransmission ( HRPT), where ground features as small as 1km may be observed. By a slightly confusing coincidence, the building where our satellite receiver is housed is known as the utomated atrol elescope , more usually, "The APT".
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A package management tool used by the Debian Linux distribution. This is Debian specific, those running Debian can do "man apt" to find out specific usages
Advanced Packaging Tool, or APT, is a package management system created by the Debian project. APT greatly simplifies the process of installing and removing software on Unix systems.There is no apt program per se; APT is a C++ library of functions that are used by several command line programs for dealing with packages, most notably apt-get and apt-cache. [from:
Apt (or Advanced Packaging Tool) is the package management system for Ubuntu and other distributions based on Debian. It consists of a set of command line programs which act as a front end for dpkg and is used for the installation, updating and removal of software.
Asset Protection Trust. An irrevocable trust, that is usually settled offshore. Its principal purpose is to preserve and protect the beneficiary's wealth offshore against claimants such as creditors. Title to an asset is transferred to a person or corporation, who is named the trustee or trust company. This kind of trust is usually tax neutral.
ASSET PROTECTION TRUST. An offshore trust which holds title to and protects the grantor's property from all claims, judgements and creditors, especially because it is located in a country other than the grantor's home country.
Asset Protection Trust. A special form of irrevocable trust, usually created (settled) offshore for the principal purposes of preserving and protecting part of one's wealth offshore against creditors. Title to the asset is transferred to a person named the trustee. Generally used for asset protection and usually tax neutral. Its ultimate function is to provide for the beneficiaries of the APT.
Asia Pacific Telescope
Alt Australian Pacific Touring
Australian Pictorial Thesaurus
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A huge white furred creature with six limbs, four of which are short and heavy to carry it through snow and ice; a denizen of the Barsoomian north pole. The remaining two limbs grow forward from the shoulder on either side of the powerful long neck and terminate in white, hairless hands which it uses to capture and hold its prey. Its head and mouth are like that of the hippopotamus with two large, down-curving horns extending forward from the bottom jaw. Two huge eyes, each composed of hundreds of ocelli, are oval patches running downward from the center of the cranium to below the horns on either side of the head. Each ocelli is equipped with its own lid and the apt can, at will, close as many of the facets as desired. Curiously the creature goes without sleep for periods of up to a month, then sleeps for a whole day before beginning anew the hunt for food in the harsh north. The animal is domesticated by the Yellow men. Apt fur is generally worn by northern warriors. (See Orluk below)
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Fit or fitted; suited; suitable; appropriate.
Ready; especially fitted or qualified (to do something); quick to learn; prompt; expert; as, a pupil apt to learn; an apt scholar.
To fit; to suit; to adapt.
Having an habitual tendency; habitually liable or likely; -- used of things.
likely, liable Apt refers to a habit: Because of his big feet, he was apt to trip over the stairs. Liable infers the probability of something unfortunate: The President is liable to lose the next election. Likely means possible: It is likely to rain tomorrow.
at risk of or subject to experiencing something usually unpleasant; "he is apt to lose"; "she is liable to forget"
Advanced Passenger Train - the 1980s British Rail designed tilting train. Electric version now at The Railway Age, Crewe and gas turbine version at National Railway Museum, York.
Advanced Polysilicon Technology. Product name for Corning pre-annealed glass that minimizes shrinkage and warp problems associated with relatively high LTPS process temperatures
Amsterdam Passenger Terminal
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Automated Pit Trading. Automated teller maching (ATM) Automatic Data Processing (ADP)
See Automated Pit Trading.
being of striking appropriateness and pertinence; "the successful copywriter is a master of apposite and evocative verbal images"; "an apt reply"
Inclined; disposed customarily; given; ready; -- used of persons.
(usually followed by `to') naturally disposed toward; "he is apt to ignore matters he considers unimportant"; "I am not minded to answer any questions"
Adjustable part throttle. A supplementary circuit on some carburetors that can be adjusted to control part-throttle mixtures more accurately than a fixed orifice. The APT detours around the main jet, going directly from the float bowl to the discharge nozzle feed well. Q-jet‚̓tƒ[ƒg‚ð‹²‚ñ‚ʼnÁ‘¬ƒ|ƒ“ƒv‚̑Ί݂ɂ ‚éB yA/Fz‹ó”R”äid—Ê”äj
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Artificial Pneumothorax
Administrative Payment Team. A team that supports incident agencies by processing payments for resources. Resources may include emergency equipment, casuals, lcoal vendors for suppies, etc.
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Association of Professional Therapists
Application Programmer's Toolkit
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Admissions per thousand
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Active Physical Therapy