Definitions for "Approvals"
Priced selections of stamps sent to collectors by mail. The collector purchases the items he chooses, returning the balance with payment for those kept.
Term used to denote stamps that are sent out on a buy-or-return basis.
an assurance of quality construction or safety, think again
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An approval of a certain organization (TÜV, Loyd's, etc.) is granted due to a successful audit and certifies the manufacturer/manufactured product that production was according to the provisions and/or guidelines of the approval authorities.
Agreements given by authorized individuals to enable action on behalf of MIT, usually a written signature or certificate-driven approval is required.
Approvals indicate the value of mortgage loan applications which have newly proceeded to the stage where a satisfactory property valuation has been obtained and the society has agreed in principle to lend. The advance of mortgage money depends only on the satisfactory conclusion of legal processes.