Definitions for "Approval"
Accept as satisfactory.
Occurs when a customer requests a new subscription and receives acceptance, approval, confirmation or validation of the request. This indicates a successful sign up of a customer subscription.
MP] Acceptance of the borrower's loan application.
A thorough assessment made by a lender of a borrower's ability to pay for a home, and a confirmation of the amount the borrower may obtain.
confirmation code, sent by bank to confirm the fact that the credit card of buyer exists, is suitable to the use and the inquired sum is within the limits of the permissible limit.
When you get approved for a loan, the lender completes a thorough assessment of your ability to pay for a home, and confirms the amount you can borrow on a particular home.
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a major problem for them
a major selling point for the technol- ogy - instead of sending the flyaways as freight using cargo services, "we can ship the vv-hole thing as excess baggage on a commercial flight," Tauber said
a total quick fat loosing diets victory for U
a breakthrough that will give new hope to people with advanced mesothelioma and have no other hope of a successful treatment
approval - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Approbation; sanction.
The committee or subcommittee reviews an application and officially affirms or sanctions the proposed activity. A faculty member must request approval of: academic course work for advancement within two years of completion. workshop or conference activities for advancement within 90 days of completion of the event for all other applications pre-approval is recommended.
Data is analyzed and submitted for regulatory review. The U.S. submission to the FDA is called an NDA (New Drug Application) or BLA (Biologic License Application); the European submission to the EMEA (European Medicines Evaluation Agency) is called an MAA (Marketing Authorization Application). After stringent analysis and review of the submission, the regulatory agency provides final approval.
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a lengthy process, and there is no guarantee any new drug will be approved
an arduous and lengthy procedure, and, for a medical device company, a major hurdle to cross is the Device Advisory Panel Meeting, where a group of physicians meet and make a recommendation to the FDA as to whether the device should be approved
a key milestone that will help the company in achieving rapid export growth driven by the regulated markets
a significant milestone in Syneron 's penetration of one of the world's largest aesthetic medical laser device markets
a notifiableinstrument
a major step for the company towards debuting commercial distribution in the USA
a necessary step in the process of deciding the future of Course Forgiveness
a significant step forward for Warner Chilcott as we continue to sharpen our therapeutic focus on women's health and expand our product portfolio in this area," said Roger Boissonneault, Chief Executive Officer of Warner Chilcott
a discretionary decision made by a local agency to issue a permit, certificate, license, lease, or other entitlement or to otherwise authorize a proposed project or activity
The agreement that an item is complete and suitable for its intended use.
This is when the Pension Schemes Office (PSO) says that a scheme is suitable for tax relief. This means member s can count some or all of their contributions against their tax bill. If a scheme meets certain conditions, it will get mandatory (automatic) approval . If the scheme does not meet the conditions, the PSO may give it discretionary approval.
Signature by the Governor of a bill passed by the Legislature.
Signature by the Governor of a billpassed by the Legislature.
generally, a term used to describe the process by which the Awarding Body approves centres to deliver a programme or qualification; agrees the use of units;
a process of quality assuring course s and programme s against an established criteria. (See also approved course) Back to A-Z menu
All changes to units and programmes of study (as well as new units and programmes) must be approved by the relevant committees before any changes can be made in SAMIS or in the web-based catalogues. For further information on the level of approval required for each type of change see the Quality Support pages QA3 (new programmes of study), QA4 (amendments to programmes and units) and QA49 (new units). Your FEA/School Administrator can also advise regarding the approval process.
means a licence or permission or any authorisation under Part V of the EP&A Act.
When your insurance company gives authorization for you to have the surgery.
A positive reply from a transaction authorization request.
a must for construction of apartments/multi-storeyed residential complexes, which are in the purview of Gram Panchayats or Municipalities
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a formidable task
the formal act of giving approval; "he gave the project his blessing"; "his decision merited the approval of any sensible person"
(Continuing Education) A decision made by an accredited approver that the criteria for approval of continuing education have been met.
a "blood substitute" produced by Biopure in Cambridge, Mass
a feeling of liking something or someone good; "although she fussed at them, she secretly viewed all her children with approval"
a Relationship that indicates that a Relationship has been approved by a PossibleIndividual that is an approver
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a partnership of trust between the agent and Customs
a reliable indicator of customer focussed estate agency services
a sign of their confidence in our ability to recommend financial products and services for our growing number of customers
a common occurrence, says Siegel, and is called prescribing "off label
a product from private company Optobionics, based in Chicago
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a respectable library
An approval plan is a method of acquiring library materials whereby a vendor selects material for us based upon a profile provided by the Library. "Approval" is also an order type used in Voyager for POs containing the line items which we receive on the approval plan.
a difficult, long and risky proposition
a surety that a pill cannot cause serious harm or even death, but the lack of any regulation allows many harmful products to enter the marketplace, and remain until the government conducts studies or learns of serious problems
a measure of how desperate things were when it was tested and deployed
A transaction was approved
a pretty arcane issue
A transaction that is approved by the issuing bank.
an offence under the Act and is subject to prosecution
A form of stamp dealing in which the dealer undertakes to send a selection of stamps to a collector subject to his or her approval.
Status an approver gives to a transaction; for example, a requisition line item.
The approval process needs a timely response by design team members. We seek to have all of our GAs approved to release us to prepare shop drawings. A status = approved for construction B Status = proceed having implemented comments C status = re-submit
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a huge cost, that should be streamlined, reduced
an absolute prerequisite to the enforceability of the contract
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a notifiable instrument
a message expressing a favorable opinion; "words of approval seldom passed his lips"
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a benign substance either
a therefore a necessary and welcome piece of common sense
The process of deciding whether or not a person's health plan will cover a specific service. Check your health plan carefully. You may find certain procedures, like surgery, require pre-approval. This means you need to check with your health plan to see if it will cover the service before you receive it. This simple approval process could save you money
a voluntary process
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a legal shield
a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
The granting of a loan based on specific terms.
Grant of a loan based on proof of good title, proof of actual income/employment, and the actual appraised value of the property being mortgaged.
an official recognition that a drug is considered both effective and safe
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an important endorsement of our work
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a few years away
a year away in the U
a requirement of the Federal transit law governing the New Starts program
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a mark of quality
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See registration