Definitions for "Appliqué"
Ornamented with a pattern (which has been cut out of another color or stuff) applied or transferred to a foundation; as, appliqué lace; appliqué work.
Embroidery process that involves using cut pieces of fabric in place of large fill stitch areas. The fabric pieces are sewn into the design. The process is used to reduce stitch counts in large designs and/or to create a unique appearance.
a piece of fabric aplied to another piece.
Numerals or symbols cut out and stuck to the dial.
Applique or applied chapters are numerals or symbols cut out of a sheet metal and stuck or riveted to a dial.
Aquatint Arabic Numeral
A mounting plate containing the connector hardware for attachment to the network. Appliques translate and transpose the serial communications signals into the signals expected by the communication standard of choice, such as RS-232, V.35, and so on.
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Applying an item to a finished candle. Also describes the actual item to be applied.
Any applied item typically vinyl or paper backed with adhesive.