Definitions for "Appliqu"
An embroidered motif, aetzed or cut, which can be used as a separate embroidered figure (Schiffli embroidery). Fabric, which may or may not be previously embroidered, sewn to another piece of fabric or to a garment.
The attachment of cut-out fabric patterns to the surface of another fabric forming pictures or patterns. Appliqués are often added to sweaters, dresses and other garments.
A cutout or design, usually lace, that may be applied to a dress, veil or shoes. This term refers to attaching one piece of fabric to another in a decorative manner. There are many different techniques and methods for doing appliqué.
Appliqué or applied chapters are numerals or symbols cut out of a sheet metal and stuck or riveted to a dial.
A term used to describe a postcard which has some form of cloth, metal, or other embellishment attached to it.
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is a type of ceramic add-on.
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applied on top of.