Definitions for "Application server"
Edit / A computer that handles all operations between a company's back-end applications or databases and the users' computers' Web browsers.
The local or remote database manager to which the application process is connected.
A server in a client-server network, which runs one or more applications that can be shared by client stations and which also, shares the data processing burden with client stations. This shared application and shared data processing model contrasts with the model used for other servers, such as file servers, that simply send, receive, and store files, requiring client stations to run all applications and process all data. Either model can be most advantageous, depending on circumstances. In many circumstances the application server model allows for faster data processing, faster throughput to client stations, greater data reliability, and increased data security.
a powerful tool for sophisticated, multi-tiered, distributed, and enterprise applications
a runtime which provides an execution context for arbitrary Enterprise Java Beans components
A computer used solely to provide processing power for application programs.
a computing platform whose primary function is to provide application-oriented services to users within the business environment
a program that provides services to other programs, usually over a network connection
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an IETF concept
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a SAS session that is waiting for input from the Application Broker, or which is launched on demand by the Application Broker.
Generates the content to be transmitted to the end user browser.
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a component-based product that resides in the